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Friends University litter yellow lab puppyOn June 16th, Guess and Noah from Southeastern Guide Dogs had a litter of 10 labrador retrievers. The winning theme for this litter was Friends University. Introducing Adair, Casado, Davis, Edmund, Freddy, Garvey, Riney, Penn, Pennington and Pep. Thanks Friends University for forming this great partnership and helping us change lives one puppy at a time!




Route 66 litter of labsOn June 2, 2017 Bailey and Scout blessed us with six yellow and black labrador retriever puppies. This is Bailey's second litter for KSDS and Scout's first.

The public voted for their favorite litter theme and Route 66 won! Introducing future assistance pups, Winslow, Tulsa, Tucumcari, Baxter Springs, Pasadena and Joplin.





Baseball dogAdelaide blessed us with 7 black lab puppies June 1st. Her litter consists of 4 females and 3 males. This litter was voted as the Sports Brand theme. The pups names are Spalding, Nautica, Oakley, Nike, Mizuno, Champion and Adidas.

Adelaide is also part of the North American Breeding Coorperative, so we will keep 3 of her puppies and 4 will go to other assistance dog schools throughout the country.


mom and pups Lassie had her first litter of pups
for us on May 31st. There is 11 in this litter of future assistance dogs. There are 2 females and 9 males in this litter.



This litter was voted to be the Golf theme.

The puppies names are Divot, Caddy, Fringe,
Waggle, Par, Duffer, Scramble, Driver, Whiff,black lab pup
Mulligan and Bogey.


Lassie's litter is part of the North America Breeding Cooperative. This means KSDS will keep some of the pups and the others will be given to different schools just like KSDS across the country and Canada.


Litter of labssleeping puppies


Siena and Striker had a litter of eleven Labrador retrievers April 20th. This is Siena's first litter of puppies.









Lab litterYellow lab


Staten and SEGD Noah had eight Labrador retrievers on April 18th. Three males and five females. This is Staten's fourth and final litter for KSDS.

Noah is from Southeastern Guide Dogs in Florida. They train dogs for people who are blind and for veterans.








Litter of Golden retrievers

sleeping puppies

Duchess and PWAC Norm had six golden retriever puppies
East Sunday. Three females and three males. This is Duchess' first litter for KSDS.

Norm is from Paws With A Cause, an assistance dog school in Michigan that trains dogs for people with disabilities, hearing loss, seizures and autism.







Kora and pups





Boulder's announcement





Adelaide's litter








Java and Silver litter





Thanks to American Airlines and and the volunteers that help transport
our dogs to and from their destinations.
Adelaide, one of KSDS's breeder dogs, has safely returned home from PADS in Canada.

dog with flight attendants






Bailey's litter




Staten's newest litter





Adelaides new puppies











Tessa's litterIntroducing Tessa's New Pups

KSDS welcomes a new litter of puppies from Tessa who gave birth this past May. There are 5 girls and 3 boys. Tessa and her puppies are donated from Beth Sakumura.

Sienna's litter Introducing Momma Siena

As part of the Assistance Dogs International North America Breeding Cooperative (ABC), a KSDS staff member, flew to New York to get Siena, a beautiful black Labrador retriever and breeder from the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind in Smithtown, New York.

As part of the ABC partnership, KSDS will whelp Siena’s puppies and raise them until they are 8 weeks old. At that point KSDS will acquire half the litter to place with puppy raisers and train for their guide, service and social programs. The remaining puppies will be allocated to other schools within the ABC cooperative. Early Saturday morning, July 27, Siena had a beautiful litter of eight black Labs. Check out our Facebook page for frequent updates on her puppies.

Jean's litterIt’s a boy, it’s a girl, it’s a boy...

KSDS recently had a “Royal” litter of our own on July 23, 2013. (Prince William and Duchess Kate’s baby was born on July 22.) Jean and Brinks are proud parents of nine golden retriever puppies. Jean and Brinks were donated by Ed and Nancy Maynard. Jean’s puppy raiser is Madison Johnson and Brinks is being raised by the Maynards.


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*Applicants have the right to be considered for canine assistance regardless of race, sex, religion or creed and other categories protected by local law. All applicants, students and graduates are treated with respect and dignity in their interactions with staff, volunteers and any other constituents of KSDS Inc. Assistance Dogs.

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