Our Campus

Administration Building

Ameri Corps members and other volunteers renovated a house in 2004 to serve as the Administration Building for KSDS. Located adjacent to the East Training Building, this facility provides offices for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Director of Marketing and Fundraising, Donor Manager and Grant Writer, accounting personnel, receptionist, and part-time office staff. Staff meetings are generally held in the large kitchen/conference room. Fortunately, this building has a full-size basement that provides storage for permanent records, supplies, and serves as a tornado shelter. A two-car attached garage allows KSDS to store handicap accessible vans out of the weather and provides additional storage. The metal shed located close by is home to two other vehicles and offers additional “out of the weather” storage for our transportation fleet. The Administration Building is handicap accessible as are all of the KSDS buildings.

Handicap Accessible Housing Facilities:
Duplex and 6-Plex



Each residence is a totally furnished, private apartment with kitchen appliances, pots and pans, bedding, towels and laundry appliances. An above-ground storm shelter is located in each apartment. The bathrooms have roll-in showers and specially designed vanities for wheelchairs. Sleeping accommodations include a queen-size bed, sleeper sofa, and if needed, a hospital bed. Each apartment has a TV and DVD player as well as internet access for the occupant. Lifts are available when needed. The first duplex was built in 2007. The newest housing complex was completed in 2012 providing six additional apartments and a fenced yard for the dogs thanks to grants, tax credits and private donations.

East Training Building

KSDS’s humble beginning was in a building on the corner of Highway 36 and D Street in Washington, KS which was used as both office and training space. In 2015, KSDS celebrated its 25th year with the grand opening of the latest remodeling project, the East Training Building. This is a conversion of the original building into an additional training center and meeting room with a gift shop, four handicap accessible bathrooms which double as storm shelters, and an improved kitchen area. The parking lot on the west side of the building contains handicapped accessible parking. KSDS graduation ceremonies are held in this building as well as tours, advanced training activities, and other educational activities such as Pups Days, Puppy Class, and Graduate Retreat. This building may be rented by contacting the receptionist in the administration building at 785-325-2256.

Canine Housing Unit

The Canine Housing Unit (CHU) at KSDS consists of three separate wings: one to house puppies, and the other two for dogs in training. Together, these wings contain 58 individual pens for the dogs. Each pen is equipped with a water spigot, which allows 24/7 access to fresh, clean water. All pens have a two-way swinging door for the dogs to go outside whenever they like. The two resident cats (Gibbs and McGee) can be found lounging around the CHU. They are expert dog teasers and have the very important job of teaching the dogs to “mind their business” around small animals. The CHU also consists of a kitchen for preparing the dog’s meals, three offices, two vet rooms, two grooming rooms, a whelping room, and a room designated as a storm shelter.

West Training Building

The West Training Building contains a large training area, two offices, a kitchen, a living room area, and a storm shelter. Much of the indoor training takes place in this building such as obedience sessions with all the dogs or individual skill work for the assistance dogs. This building is outfitted with tug ropes on kitchen drawers and the refrigerator as well as the bathrooms. Additional training supplies are located in the living room area. Grooming tables and supplies are spread around the large training area. Whether it be a sweeper, a grocery cart, or wheelchairs and canes, this building is designed to provide a place for real life experiences for the canine and client training sessions. Graduation ceremonies can be held in this building, as well as other events or meetings held by the public.

Agility Building

In 2015, KSDS received an option to purchase a former auto mechanic’s building located next to our six-plex. The building was renovated by staff, puppy raisers, and other volunteers. This is a nice open area for the dogs to run, work off some stress, and play especially on those extra chilly days. The agility equipment helps the dogs work on coordination, feet placement, and focusing on the trainer. Exercising the mind just as much as the body is important in the growth and training of our professionally trained dogs.  Thank you Kirsty Gordon for making and donating the agility equipment!