Our Sponsors

Boehringer Ingelheim

Donates vaccinations for our puppies before they go out with their volunteer puppy raisers. Also, donates the bordetella vaccine for adult dogs while they are in training at KSDS.

Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation

Sponsored a team and have continually supported KSDS Assistance Dogs Inc. throughout the years.

Ceva Animal Health, LLC

Donates easy to use collars and infusers that help puppies and adult dogs adapt to challenging situations. Collars give owners and trainers a safe and easy way to keep puppies calm, so they can take on new people, places and situations with confidence.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition

A major corporate sponsor since 1994. Hill’s Pet Nutrition has teamed with KSDS and created a feeding program for puppy raisers and KSDS graduates. Food is provided at no cost for dogs in training and at minimal monthly cost for graduated assistance dogs.

Kansas Lions Clubs

Provide scholarship funding for class expenses and special projects on the KSDS campus including, The Class Expansion Project (Training Building East) and accessible housing for the new assistance dog teams while they stay at KSDS for placement. Some members also make presentations to other Lions Clubs and organizations about KSDS.

Veterinary Health Center of Kansas State University

The College of Veterinary Medicine plays a critical role in the healthcare of our assistance dogs. Kansas State University veterinary students have the opportunity to work with KSDS assistance dogs in training to practice their clinicals. The Veterinary Health Center at Kansas State University provides a certain number of OFA radiographs (bone and joint) tests free of charge as well as CERT’s (eye exams) at a discounted rate.


Provides Heartgard at no cost to puppy raisers and graduates. Heartgard, when taken on a regular monthly basis, protects dogs against heartworms, a potentially deadly disease.  Merial also donates Frontline, which is applied monthly to the dogs for flea and tick prevention.

Modern Medical Mobility, Inc

Donates first aid kits, wheelchairs and mobility aids, as well as medical equipment and supplies. Modern Medical Mobility also performs equipment repairs free of charge.

Patterson Foundation

Provided funding for our new training building and housing project to help us reach out goal of increasing annual team placements.